Chapter 1. Basic concepts

WebAPI is a set of scripts for retrieving information about templates from's database. It is used to get this info and store it in your own database in any form for creating your customizable template shops. It is an excellent tool for those who know a web programming language such as PHP, ASP, Perl, Coldfusion, etc. It allows a total customization of's affiliate program - you can download all the information, screenshots, etc. to your web server and manipulate all the data in any way you please.

There are many advantages of using the WebAPI. Here's a short list of them:

Data stored on your own server don't depend on's server load and temporary traffic problems, and the most important is that you can create your custom template shop design and implement many unique features like custom search engine, etc.

Your WebAPI based template shop can be implemented in 2 ways: you can store information about templates only or all templates' data. Storing information about templates only method includes storing information about template screenshots, sources available for a particular template, keywords that describe templates, author of the template, category and style the template belongs to, templates with "featured" status assigned, etc but screenshots and flash previews of the templates are stored on the remote server

Storing all the templates' data implies storing all screenshots and flash previews of the templates which requires approximately 5 GB of server space besides storing information about templates.

WebAPI scripts for getting information about templates should be invoked at least once per 24 hours. The best time to invoke them is about 8.00 AM EST. Currency rate script (currency.php) should be invoked once per hour.